This summer the whole crew had the chance to paint in a really cool location: the former Torino zoo, right downtown next to the Po river, and abandoned since 1987. For the past couple of years Border Land Association has been giving life back to the Park: a unique chance to create site-specific artwork, creating dialogue with the shattered remains of an open-air prison.

Heaven and hell, respectively the two most desireable and most feared places in humanity's imagination. Our reading is different. Merely categories defined by humans, more often than not “good” people, hidden by masks, are no different than us ordinary people.
And “bad” people are different to the extent that they do nothing to hide their true animal nature.
On the left, hypocrisy, delusion and deception.
On the right, a sincere, self-conscious and rational admission which spiritual rebirth must inevitably go through.

The piece is inspired by classic altarpieces, but instead of uplifting saints and condemning sinners, the madonna and her monstrous child unveil their masked selves and lead all humanity from a fake heaven to a necessary hell.
Special thanks go to Border Land Association, responsible for all activities within Parco Michelotti.
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