Truly Design has travelled the world among urban walls, zine covers and art galleries. During the most recent of these trips, to Klagenfurt in Austria, they decided to tell their story through Trickle Production's electronic eye.
This documentary, presented in Torino last April 5th, is entitled "Seems True - A ten year Journey".

The four artists from Torino, who have been active on the graffiti scene for ten years, are the main actors of an emotional narration.
For the first time in this ten year journey it is not their hands which will be under the spotlight, instead their faces together with their words.
The story of a true passion told with sincerity and wonder.

The soundtrack, crafted by Toys and Brandumize, harmonizes the emotional narration with alternative rock and electronic music. 
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A big thank you goes to Me.LA Cultural Association for taking care of the documentary's circulation.
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