Our collaboration with Custom Made Snowboards continues, with super cool results!
We’re proud to present to you this 2013/14 season’s new designs.
Custom Made produces snowboards and freestyle skis since 1981.
If you’re interested in seeing them in person, you can find them in our studio or at JOLLY SPORT - Via Nizza, 51/53 - Torino.
Inverted Twin-Carbon Silverado: Power, manageability and versatility are the main features of this man-of-war dedicated to the most skilled riders. Technical yet docile with a superlight quadriaxial core, double carbon reinforcements and shock absorber for surfing hard snow without losing power or stability. Central micro camber, flat zone on bindings and easy rocker on nose and tail: all this guarantees the camber’s precision and reactivity, the flat zone’s docility and incisiveness, and the rocker’s tolerance and buoyancy. All this only where needed. A perfect twin, but with a surprise: the backside blade is more marked, as so to optimize direction, precision, and all characteristics enhanced by camber and rocker. Its design derives from satellite images of the Earth, for those who aim higher and higher!
Chily: Women’s all-mountain freestyle board. Light core with a medium and lively flex, stiffened by twisting. All this is stressed by a new kind of camber-rocker, which combines the traditional camber with an anticipated rocker on nose and tail. This allows riders to surf on a stable and precise board with excellent speed hold even at angles, yet remaining sufficiently handy on jibs and wonderfully effective on fresh snow. Design is 100% ripped from an original Truly Design watercolor illustration.
Pro: The light true-twin, handy and very reactive, especially studied for freestyle and park but good in every circumstance. Its shape and special snow contact, characterized by a central micro-camber, a flat zone close to the bindings and an easy rocker on both ends make it versatile on all terrain, even on fresh snow. Its shiny design gives amazing depth and is thought for those who dream of taming the snow park. Amazing.
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