Here are the second pair of snowboards we designed for Custom Made Snowboards, who have been crafting snowboards and skis since 1981.
Design inspired by stencil and poster art, with minimal typographic colors. Aggressive, manoeuvrable and very light for park use, thanks to its inverted build. The lateral carbon plates allow a very performing and more energetic use compared to similar boards. Small central camber, slope flat under the bindings ending in a slightly banana-shaped fashion on nose and tail. Effective on fresh snow, handy and with excellent track endurance.
Perfectly adaptable to male or female riders, great for freestyle and asymmetrical backside.
A flaming, black snowboard to bite the purest white snows, with a design coming from the cover art of the Blackstep album. Twin tip, pure freestyle board which however allows a wider Mountain use. 
Its construction features a mini camber which holds up to the bindings, followed by a rocker which gives manoeuvrability and great gliding qualities on fresh snow.
The central camber allows further precision upon landing and a good curve conduction on tracks, allowing great reactivity on any manoeuver.
Super light, between 2,3 and 2,4 kg, making it the lightest amongst wooden boards on sale today.
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