Here are the first two snowboards we designed for Custom Made Snowboards, who have been crafting snowboards and skis since 1981.
Valhalla Carbon owes its name to the viking paradise Mauro149 was inspired by. Strictly for freeriders who feel one with the elements of nature when surfing on powder or tracks. A highly performing snowboard, agile and light, with a perfect curve conduction both on hard and fresh snow. Two beech backings with carbon stripes lace up the board's wood, giving stability and speed, making it easy to change edge and to manoeuver in switch. This snowboard is faster, safer and more resistent than a mighty Drakkar.
Available in these sizes: 55 - 56 wide - 59 - 60 wide - 62 - 64 - 64 wide
Twin Tip Inverted Pro is a snowboard inspired by Rems182's latest experiments in abstract art. Developed by a former Slope Style champion, it's a polyvalent board. Its light structure with carbon backings allows it to be used softly or in a more aggressive style. Mighty and light in snowparks, it adopts an inverted rocker build with a small central camber, slope flat beneath the bindings and curvy, banana-shaped nose and tail. This allows the board to be efficient also on fresh snow (good, precise fluctuation), handy and with excellent track performance. Good for freestyle even if pro-oriented. Asymmetrical backside. Available in these sizes: 44 - 51 - 54 - 54 wide - 57 - 57 vide - 59 - 59 wide
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